t may seem like a big exaggeration, but when we stop to think, it’s the truest truth: The Blair Witch is one of the most important films of all time. That does not make it a great movie (indeed, it’s sad to note the sharp aging of the show over the years), but its absolutely […]

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House at The End of Street, pointing to clichés as one of the flaws in a horror movie is as commonplace as this first negative statement, even because this genre may be what most needs them to work. In my point of view, the most certain thing would be to affirm that the work is […]

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On its surface, The Mist (2007) merges suspense and science fiction, engaging its characters in a literal atmosphere of fear and threat. From the first minutes, the mystery unfolds and produces the uneasiness of a blocked sight, like someone who can no longer see a hand in front of the nose. A strong and anomalous […]

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The Conjuring, legend has it that the best horror films are those spent inside a house and with the family at the center of the action. One does not have to go very far to verify that this affirmation is imbued of total truth, we only remember quickly of films like The Illuminated (1980), The […]

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