It is not the case today that the film industry produces films in which it produces great and intense novels during serious and dangerous periods of war. Classics like Casablanca and even more recent productions like The English Patient and Pearl Harbor have their romantic plot related to World War II. Already Across The Universe […]

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t may seem like a big exaggeration, but when we stop to think, it’s the truest truth: The Blair Witch is one of the most important films of all time. That does not make it a great movie (indeed, it’s sad to note the sharp aging of the show over the years), but its absolutely […]

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Les Misérables, The Miserables is the film adaptation of a famous musical, based on the homonymous work of Victor Hugo. In the Trama, after long nineteen years, Jean Valjean at last obtains the conditional liberation that so longs for. He was arrested for stealing a piece of bread to save his nephew, who was on […]

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The electronic music scene is at its best. DJs are becoming superstars and working with artists of all genres, crowded festivals are dragging crowds and hits from house, electropop, dubstep and other strands to be featured on charts around the world. It is the moment of electronic music, after so many years of battle to […]

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When children start to grow up, they begin to have doubts about where babies come from and what was left in the imagination of many people was the story of the storks bringing a new child to the couple. The animation shows a universe in which babies have been replaced by electronic delivery. The Junior […]

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On its surface, The Mist (2007) merges suspense and science fiction, engaging its characters in a literal atmosphere of fear and threat. From the first minutes, the mystery unfolds and produces the uneasiness of a blocked sight, like someone who can no longer see a hand in front of the nose. A strong and anomalous […]

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It’s kind of rare in American cinema today to see a romance between middle-aged people. The Face of Love is just that, after all the wrinkles of the protagonists Annette Bening and Ed Harris, two veterans of Hollywood, differentiate them among the many films for young people seen in the current market. But this novel […]

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The Equalizer, based on a series of television of the years 1980 and that counts on the direction of Antoine Fuqua (Invasion to White House). Robert Crowe was the first filmmaker to star in the film, but it was Denzel Washington (The Flight) who took the role. The production has received good reviews out there […]

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American cinema nowadays is grimy. Very fond of formulas, afraid to dare and displease the public ever further away from the screens. Then here’s something like The Wolf Of Wall Street, a real drug-free, sex-addicted, and ode to money. It is the story of a con man and a sinner, told by a filmmaker who […]

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Many things are uncomfortable in “A Few Hours of Spring,” a French film that tackles a damned subject such as suicide, even more watched, so that the already drawn formula of French cinema adheres to the difficulty of crafting such indigestion. This unhealthiness must be emphasized, almost completely to the theme since the technique is […]

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