Stranded, infected’s first plan, directed by controversial British filmmaker Roger Christian – the same as the ill-fated A Reconquista (2000), considered by many critics one of the worst sci-fi films ever made – denotes a fairly moderate budget production. The camera frames a half-simple model, the most artificial, which should be a space station on […]

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Trash, coming in Brazilian cinemas this week, the long-awaited Trash – The Hope Comes From The Trash. The film is a British / Brazilian adventure, directed by Stephen Daldry, written by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral), based on a 2010 eponymous novel written by Andy Mulligan. The film is attended by talented actors […]

Now You See Me, this week comes in theaters in Brazil the long Truque de Mestre, it is a thriller film centered on a team of illusionists who starts executing spectacular robberies during their shows. The project, which cost just over $ 75 million, has already more than doubled its cost of production. The film […]

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Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly a director of great achievements, and exactly so I decided to watch, or re-watch, his entire filmography. Yesterday was the time to check out the long Amnesia, which in the face can catch the attention of the viewer and lock it into a plot, which is proving increasingly interesting and attractive. […]

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 “The best space movie ever made.” These were the words of James Cameron on Gravity (Gravity, 2013), signed by Alfonso Cuaron. The statement is shocking not only because it was said by the master of the special effects, but also for putting the new film of the Mexican director in a higher level than the […]