Free State, historical context films that have the objective of representing heroes / leaders and other figures of great importance within the event portrayed usually present difficulty as Free State to the tracing of their various historical lines behaved within the script. Some sacrifice the unfolding Free State of events during such events in support of the […]

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“Lucky One” or “The Lucky One” is a film inspired by the book of Nicholas Sparks, author of other books like “Diaries of a Passion” and “Dear John”. Under the direction of Scott Hicks, it debuted in Brazil on May 4, 2012 and tells the story of US Navy sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Effron). This […]

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The Diving Bell and The Butterfly Imagine the situation: You are suddenly affected by a Stroke, go into a coma for twenty days, and when you return you realize that you have lost all motor functions, being able to count only on hearing, 50% of vision, imagination , Memory, and nothing else. Think it will […]

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The electronic music scene is at its best. DJs are becoming superstars and working with artists of all genres, crowded festivals are dragging crowds and hits from house, electropop, dubstep and other strands to be featured on charts around the world. It is the moment of electronic music, after so many years of battle to […]

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 Ang Babaeng Humayo, the Woman Who Gone has been scripted and directed by Lav Diaz, who is known for her long films. The plot presents Horácia, a woman who was unjustly imprisoned and who was serving 30 years’ imprisonment, when the real culprit, who was later arrested for another crime and turned her friend into […]

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A film that reflects current times. Nate Parker (No Scales) is an actor, director, producer, writer and musician. He was accused of rape for 17 years along with screenwriter Jean McGianni. Parker was acquitted of the crime, McGianni, no. The two claimed to be victims of racism. The woman who claimed to be the victim […]

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Wiener-Dog, a lost dog in the midst of the melancholy of the human being. Director Todd Solondz is a weird storyteller. Wiener-Dog, his films cherish the pain and melancholy of his characters’ actions. Satire, black humor and family criticism are always at the heart of the issue, along with the problems of contemporary society – […]

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Many things are uncomfortable in “A Few Hours of Spring,” a French film that tackles a damned subject such as suicide, even more watched, so that the already drawn formula of French cinema adheres to the difficulty of crafting such indigestion. This unhealthiness must be emphasized, almost completely to the theme since the technique is […]

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Face of Love, it’s kind of rare in American cinema today to see a romance between middle-aged people. A Face of Love, is just that, after all the wrinkles of the protagonists Annette Bening and Ed Harris, two veterans of Hollywood, differentiate them among the many films for young people seen in the current market. But […]

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Bella Addormentata , certain social discussions will always stir up controversy and even seem not to find a correct answer, especially when involving death, family, religion and politics. Should a human being have the right to take his own life? And when you are no longer aware of yourself? Being only a body maintained by […]

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