Ghostbusters, in a few comedy beads, there are times when we laugh, but the paradox is that Hemsworth, the man in the group, is the one who really provides the funniest moments. Paradox as there is a tendency in this movie for the jokes about men like for example the stupid final battle where the […]

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The Paperboy – A South Boy is a shocking and interesting production in itself, but it is possible to say that its brilliance is in the rebirth of an actress, who has not done such an impressive job for a long time, and in the consolidation of a director, who Drew praise in 2009 for […]

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When children start to grow up, they begin to have doubts about where babies come from and what was left in the imagination of many people was the story of the storks bringing a new child to the couple. The animation shows a universe in which babies have been replaced by electronic delivery. The Junior […]

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Maggie’s Plan, it is not usually a good business card when a movie takes too long to make the international journey and reach Brazilian cinemas. Even if it is an independent work, this fact is usually indicative of the fact that the production was not very well received by the international public and at times […]

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Wiener-Dog, a lost dog in the midst of the melancholy of the human being. Director Todd Solondz is a weird storyteller. Wiener-Dog, his films cherish the pain and melancholy of his characters’ actions. Satire, black humor and family criticism are always at the heart of the issue, along with the problems of contemporary society – […]

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Magic in the Moonlight, in one of the interviews he has already given to the press, Woody Allen said that at the beginning of filming a new feature film, he believes that that will be his best, but he never gets to be satisfied after completing one more job, Keep trying, movie after movie. A […]

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The Way, Way Back marks the first directorial work by the writers of The Descendants and Little Miss Sunshine. The duo, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, deliver a simple and little innovative but at the same time contagious and sensitive work. The theme of the consequences of parents’ attitudes in the lives of their children […]

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What If?, the first romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe (The Woman in Black) co-stars with Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks). The film was released last year at the Toronto International Film Festival (where most of its filming took place), but did not make it to commercial theaters until August this year. The feature film is directed […]

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