The film was a personal project of Richard Kelly, a rookie director, who paced up and down with a science fiction script under his arm until Barrymore became interested and resolving to bank him. About the film: Donnie Darko is one of those films that each draws their own conclusions from the elements presented. About […]

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It’s kind of rare in American cinema today to see a romance between middle-aged people. The Face of Love is just that, after all the wrinkles of the protagonists Annette Bening and Ed Harris, two veterans of Hollywood, differentiate them among the many films for young people seen in the current market. But this novel […]

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The Conjuring, legend has it that the best horror films are those spent inside a house and with the family at the center of the action. One does not have to go very far to verify that this affirmation is imbued of total truth, we only remember quickly of films like The Illuminated (1980), The […]

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American cinema nowadays is grimy. Very fond of formulas, afraid to dare and displease the public ever further away from the screens. Then here’s something like The Wolf Of Wall Street, a real drug-free, sex-addicted, and ode to money. It is the story of a con man and a sinner, told by a filmmaker who […]

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X-Men: Days of Future Past, In the mid-2000s, director Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise, from which he directed the first two films, to command the flickering Superman: The Return (2006). Nowadays, putting it in perspective, one can note how X-Men: The Movie (2000) and X-Men 2 (2003) were important for the subgenre of superheroes […]

12 Years A Slave, it is particularly shameful that no American director, a class often lost amidst megalomaniacal reveries and boastfulness, has never bothered to tell the story of Solomon Northup. I imagine that the humanitarian appeal of such a powerful story has affected an English director not only because he is black, but because […]

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 “The best space movie ever made.” These were the words of James Cameron on Gravity (Gravity, 2013), signed by Alfonso Cuaron. The statement is shocking not only because it was said by the master of the special effects, but also for putting the new film of the Mexican director in a higher level than the […]

Signed by director Lee Daniels (Precious, 2009), The Butler (Lee Daniel’s The Butler, 2013) is certainly an inconsistent film, filled with misguided creative choices that sabotage a potential premise. However, in the midst of its defects comes a captivating aura, the result of a contained direction (to the standards of Daniels himself) that harmonizes the […]

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The Way, Way Back marks the first directorial work by the writers of The Descendants and Little Miss Sunshine. The duo, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, deliver a simple and little innovative but at the same time contagious and sensitive work. The theme of the consequences of parents’ attitudes in the lives of their children […]

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