Free State, historical context films that have the objective of representing heroes / leaders and other figures of great importance within the event portrayed usually present difficulty as Free State to the tracing of their various historical lines behaved within the script. Some sacrifice the unfolding Free State of events during such events in support of the […]

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It is not the case today that the film industry produces films in which it produces great and intense novels during serious and dangerous periods of war. Classics like Casablanca and even more recent productions like The English Patient and Pearl Harbor have their romantic plot related to World War II. Already Across The Universe […]

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Hacksaw Ridge, in The Tale of the Last Man, based on the facts of the life of the soldier Desmond T. Doss, who refuses to use weapons, for religious convictions, and thus saved more than 70 men in the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. Thinking coolly, we wondered what he would be doing […]

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Ghostbusters, in a few comedy beads, there are times when we laugh, but the paradox is that Hemsworth, the man in the group, is the one who really provides the funniest moments. Paradox as there is a tendency in this movie for the jokes about men like for example the stupid final battle where the […]

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t may seem like a big exaggeration, but when we stop to think, it’s the truest truth: The Blair Witch is one of the most important films of all time. That does not make it a great movie (indeed, it’s sad to note the sharp aging of the show over the years), but its absolutely […]

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 Ang Babaeng Humayo, the Woman Who Gone has been scripted and directed by Lav Diaz, who is known for her long films. The plot presents Horácia, a woman who was unjustly imprisoned and who was serving 30 years’ imprisonment, when the real culprit, who was later arrested for another crime and turned her friend into […]

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When children start to grow up, they begin to have doubts about where babies come from and what was left in the imagination of many people was the story of the storks bringing a new child to the couple. The animation shows a universe in which babies have been replaced by electronic delivery. The Junior […]

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Busanhaeng, in Invasion Zumbi, a girl, daughter of separated parents, convinces the father, with whom she lives, to take her to spend time with her mother. Reluctant at first and always postponing the journey, he felt touched when, on the girl’s birthday, he gave her a gift that she had already won and that was […]

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Wiener-Dog, a lost dog in the midst of the melancholy of the human being. Director Todd Solondz is a weird storyteller. Wiener-Dog, his films cherish the pain and melancholy of his characters’ actions. Satire, black humor and family criticism are always at the heart of the issue, along with the problems of contemporary society – […]

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