Not so good, not so bad.

The films Spider-Man – Homecoming of the heroic world of magic were saturated and, from time to time, they tried to reinvent themselves with each new story. This year we had two good cards: Logan and Wonder Woman. Logan managed to be a beautiful farewell to an actor, Hugh Jackman, and a character, Wolverine, very liked by the public, making a man “very human, similar to us, full of defects and qualities. It is a film of heroes, different from the usual ones.

The female sex was owed a great character to the cinema, because its last heroic incursions were very tumultuous and a total disaster (Cat Woman, Elektra). The Wonder Woman timidly appeared in Batman Vs Superman, and now comes with a film all of her, showing her amazon story and giving a new respite to DC Comics. Logan and Wonder Woman make history because they are films with a differential in the already tired world of the “great heroes”. But 2017 is not over yet and who is coming is yet another Spider-Man franchise, which since 2002 has gone through the hands of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and now with Tom Holland. The same character lived by three different and ever new actors. Was it an infantilization of the character? Of course, and this may be related to what I said at the beginning, we have to reinvent ourselves, and it could be a shot in the dark, we do not know who will get that bullet.

As for the rejuvenation of characters, it is not today that the entertainment factory does this prodigy. The crowns Tom Cruise, Will Smith, George Clooney and Tom Hanks always make romantic pair with girls who could be their daughters and why not with women of their ages? A case to think about.

In the case of Spider-Man, they should have changed the name to Spider-Boy, for the Spider has never been so young, in voice, in attitude, and in the whole of the film. And what about Aunt May, she has rejuvenated for at least 40 years. Our conception of Aunt May was that great-aunt, darling, a mother-in-law who takes care of her nephew like her son. Marisa Tomei is the new kitten, Aunt May, who could be an older sister of Peter Parker.
Spider-Man – Homecoming Spider-Man – Homecoming Spider-Man – Homecoming Spider-Man – Homecoming
Spider-Man – Back home is so light that there is no great excitement at any time. It’s just “passable”. The actor Tom Holland is very nice, his Peter Parker / Spiderman is very believable with his age, who can venerate the heroes and, better, be one of them, dividing over time in school and the new flirts.

One of the great successes of the production was to put a black as the love interest of Peter, because this paper is always for the “white”. Michael Keaton was once the Batman in decades past and returned triumphant in Birdman in which he played a decadent actor, where he had already been a great icon of pop culture and now he is the villainous Vulture. Everything to do with his past BB (Batman / Birdman) and of course, nothing is by chance, a shame that your Vulture does not yield what it should yield, but it is already good presence.
Spider-Man – Homecoming Spider-Man – Homecoming Spider-Man – Homecoming Spider-Man – Homecoming
Everything in the story blends with a younger audience, child itself. The progress of the plots, there is no subframe, it’s all cute, not that it’s bad, but it gets tired. And yet, at a crucial moment, action / fight scenes made in pitch, very dark, which are not at all interesting. Even Iron Man’s insertion into history does not flow fully, it’s funny, but there’s something in it. Maybe it’s a script problem, there are bound to be more stories out there. But the movie is not bad because it is “light”, it catches us for the great actors on the scene, the funny situations, the school and the friends of Peter Parker, the charismatic protagonist and also because it is a film that does not hide its target Audience. You can have fun, but the Spider is no student of Professor Xavier or son of an Amazon, unfortunately. Oh, do not forget the two post-credit scenes. Spider-Man – Homecoming

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