The film, The Place Beyond The Pines, begins and we are following a man full of tattoos who is walking in the middle of a crowd inside a circus. He walks into a tent, climbs his motorbike, and starts making his number on one of those deathballs, where three motorcyclists spin around in a ball-shaped cage. The scene tells us two things about the character and movie. About the character, we already know that he is a person who is not afraid of death. About the film, it shows that the director makes an ambitious opening in the Orson Welles style, and that perhaps we should expect the same ambition. The Place Beyond The Pines
Of course this is not a movie about the circus. The central theme that permeates the stories is violence. He talks about the responsibility of a father taken in a wrong way to the last consequences, and also speaks of repentance. I say “wrongly,” but it may not be. It was the solution found by a man who is forced to survive between one payment and another. These days, many can relate to him.
The film is divided into three parts. In the first, motorcyclist Luke (Ryan Gosling) lives from city to city performing at the circus. In one of the cities, he discovers that he made a son with Romina (Eva Mendes) the last time he went there. He decides to become a good father even though she already has the right life with another man, and joins Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) to rob banks and provide for his son. It does not take long to face the law.
The law comes in a man named Avery (Bradley Cooper), who after crossing with Luke becomes the protagonist of the third story. He is treated like a hero and engages in some dirty deals because of a dirty cop (Ray Liotta). Especially by his father’s advice, he manages to get out of the mess and become a prominent man with a high political office. Cut to 15 years later.
That is when enters the third story, carried out by the son of Luke that in a coincidence studies and befriends the son of Avery. Luke and Avery’s life is not much different from one another. They love their wives and children, who are the same age. What divides the fate of these two is education. They are external factors that divide the fate of each one of them. Probably your children are heading to follow the same path as their parents, and their families following only one cycle.
I do not think I have two more up-and-coming actors right now than Gosling and Cooper, but contrary to what you might think, this is not a movie that will take off their career. They are accompanied by a fantastic supporting cast (especially Eva Mendes delivering the best performance of her career) and only perform their roles to help tell a great story. Make a great movie.
Director Derek Cianfrance, who also directed Valentine Forever, delivers another great movie. His actors always deliver safe performances in excellent roles. And here he delivers a much more ambitious film, although it does not reach the refinement, than his previous film. Do not mind the length of the movie (140 minutes), because what we have on the screens is worth every minute.

The Place Beyond The Pines!

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