Hacksaw Ridge, in The Tale of the Last Man, based on the facts of the life of the soldier Desmond T. Doss, who refuses to use weapons, for religious convictions, and thus saved more than 70 men in the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. Thinking coolly, we wondered what he would be doing there without weapons. The director Mel Gibson (Braveheart), with his histrionismo, responds us with images without any type of restriction. Interlines do not exist in your vocabulary. In the war scenes are heads rolling, bodies shattered, many corpses and big rats. Spectacularization of carnage. Mel Gibson at the same school as Angelina Jolie. Even a kick in a grenade in the air we need to see. And, in the final credits, we have more unnecessary scenes, adding in nothing to what has already been presented.

After ten years missing from the film direction, he, who did little relevant as an actor, returns as he knows: gospel and bloody. Mel Gibson, the actor, was one of the biggest movie stars, especially the Deadly Machine and Mad Max franchises, which made huge success in the 1980s. Mel Gibson, the director, saw that he had a chance in his new career in his second film , Braveheart, grabbed 6 Oscar statuettes, including best director. And then he realized how he wanted his movies. Stories of redemptions with great religious scores, see The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto and, now, the Last Man. Not forgetting that everything needs to be shown, nothing being able to remain in introspection, subtlety is not its name. Some love each other, others not so much. Whenever I see your movies, the first word that comes to my mind is “do I need it” and the second is “for what?”. But the truth is that the Hollywood industry really loves him and this could be his new glory, I do not doubt that he can be re-awarded with another “golden bald man”. As in his other films, everything here is meant to thrill and impact, pejoratively or otherwise. Again, some love each other. Mel Gibson is like that and end of chat. In spite of the great exaggeration in his direction, Hacksaw Ridge he brings great performance of all his cast. Including a good leap in the career of Vince Vaughn (Of Sudden Father), who always believed Hacksaw Ridge in his talent.

Andrew Garfield (The Spectacular Spider-Man 2), who contends Hacksaw Ridge for the Oscar for an actor, struggles for his role, even in some clichés and improbable scenes and, truth be told, the boy is very well. He is the force that moves the film, with nuances of fragility. From the beginning, like an innocent little boy, to the man, with unshakeable convictions of faith and great altruism. Andrew is himself a “soldier in a battle without arms.” He is on a single line of interpretation. Sublime and serene. So do not be scared if he’s the big winner of Oscar night.

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