Ghostbusters, in a few comedy beads, there are times when we laugh, but the paradox is that Hemsworth, the man in the group, is the one who really provides the funniest moments. Paradox as there is a tendency in this movie for the jokes about men like for example the stupid final battle where the villain is castrated.

This would not bother me so much if the comedy were of quality. Unfortunately it is not. McKinnon and Jones are talented comedians, but this movie was not good for them. In scenes in which McKinnon is supposedly supporting, she makes strange gestures that end up drawing attention instead of the main scenes.

Of good, we can emphasize the great star of this film, that is Hemsworth, the pillar of the comedy in Ghostbusters. His manner of acting “domed” was perfect in his character.

Now, the biggest problem of Ghostbusters is the lack of fidelity to the franchise. Feig, unfortunately, did not dare to go his own way. There is no clear picture of what Ghostbusters tried to be, and if there will be any sequels, I hope Feig dares to make his own vision in the film.

The film begins focusing on two characters played by Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, who work together to write a book saying that ghosts really exist between us.

After its release, the book really is not taken seriously and gets no attention. But that changes a few years later. When she, already a respected Columbia University professor, has her book uncovered and becomes a cheek-kick all over the University, and ends up losing her job.

When a New York subway employee witnesses strange underground events, Kristen Wiig’s character meets with her former best friend, as well as two other candidates for Ghostbusters (Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) and together embark on a scary and Fun adventure.

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