Les Misérables, The Miserables is the film adaptation of a famous musical, based on the homonymous work of Victor Hugo. In the Trama, after long nineteen years, Jean Valjean at last obtains the conditional liberation that so longs for. He was arrested for stealing a piece of bread to save his nephew, who was on the verge of death and, after releasing, misery made him steal again. This time he stole a bishop who gave him shelter in a moment of need. Thinking that he would be condemned again Valjean is forgiven and thus decides to change his life. Years later, with another name and owner of his own business, he meets up with the policeman who he hated and involuntarily caused the dismissal of an employee who was a single mother and Les Misérables worked to send money to a couple who took care of her daughter . With the dismissal Fantine falls into disgrace and needs to prostitute herself to take care of the girl, who was sick. Valjean without understanding the evil he had caused promises to help the girl, but can not help but hide from Jarvet.
The beginning of the film is very exciting and the viewer goes very well the redemption plot of Jean Valjean and Fantine. At this point the characters are built goods and manage to maintain a closer bond with those who watch them. The problem with the film is that it becomes tiring over time and has a very unconvincing second act. Two points can be pointed out as the cause of this problem, the first of which is the fact of the excess of sung speech and the second focus is no longer in Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway and pass to Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne, who have a pleasant voice, But that do not have the same charisma and are part of a moment, say, hurried production. The novel is poorly drawn, the motivations for revolution do not thrill, and everything happens faster than it should. It seems that the director has lost a bit in the editing and editing of the work.
Tom Hooper took a very courageous step in deciding that over ninety percent of the speeches would be by songs. Another act of courage was to film the actors live and avoid studios for corrections of voices. There is then a middle ground in his work of direction, for the lack of conventional speech makes production often tiresome. Moments of action are very forceful with the songs, but the less important ones end up hanging on the bane. Avoiding recording studios has allowed actors to offer a greater amount of emotion, and the scene that proves this is Anne Hathaway singing the song: I dreamed a dream. The timing is so memorable, it’s garnering several awards for the actress, including the Golden Globe 2013 and the Critics Choice Awards for Best Musical Actress or Comedy.
The most appreciated technical point of the work is his art direction and I venture to say that he is a great candidate for the Oscars. The photograph presents beautiful moments, but it is not exceptional. The costumes and makeup are also very well worked. When we talk about acting we have a great job done, and already mentioned, by the main duo and a below-average work of the plot couple. Russell Crowe appears as the one who has the least ability to perform in a musical, but still remains consistent in the line of the agent of the Jarvet law. In parallel, the main plot, we have good times with Helena Boham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, which serve to liven up a bit of a story of much sadness and learning.
The Miserables then becomes a production that had far more potential than what was presented. In fact I have the feeling that they made a theatrical adaptation, because this is the feeling that the film conveyed. That we’re watching the filming of a play. The film has an excellent technical work, but presents a shallow script and sometimes rushed. The most positive point is the work of its main actors: Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. Tom Hooper, who was stigmatized for winning the Oscar with a well-made film and “cortina”, The King’s Speech, ended up wanting to risk and presented a production Above average, but far below the expectation it generated.

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