The Alien anthology, since the debut of The Eighth Passenger in 1979, has always been able to reinvent itself within itself. Hybrids of genres, styles and approaches, proposal and form were delivered suiting the entire body of their film series. Beginning in 2012 with Prometheus, however, prequels seem to pursue different paths and objectives of the sequences themselves that occurred from 1986 to 1997. Even though attempting to explore new […]

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Filmmaker Edgar Wright has established himself in the Hollywood market with solid works and a striking style. Films such as Lead Thick (2007) and Scott Pilgrim (2010), have brought the director’s brand that mixes an unconconservative look, full of ironic and polite humor and a technical care with well thought out and executed sound montages and design. In fugue rhythm, his newest feature, perhaps a ripening of Wright’s language put […]

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Not so good, not so bad. The films Spider-Man – Homecoming of the heroic world of magic were saturated and, from time to time, they tried to reinvent themselves with each new story. This year we had two good cards: Logan and Wonder Woman. Logan managed to be a beautiful farewell to an actor, Hugh Jackman, and a character, Wolverine, very liked by the public, making a man “very human, […]

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The film “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) is based on the eponymous book, which was written by Lauren Weisberger and was published in April 2003. The film is directed by David Frankel and adapted by Aline Brosh McKenna . The film is a dramatic comedy without restrictions, pleasing to all types of audience and especially aimed at those who have an interest in the world of fashion. “The Devil Wears […]

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Free State, historical context films that have the objective of representing heroes / leaders and other figures of great importance within the event portrayed usually present difficulty as Free State to the tracing of their various historical lines behaved within the script. Some sacrifice the unfolding Free State of events during such events in support of the profound approach they define to their main characters; Others deplete the characters themselves (not their […]

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It’s refreshing to watch a movie with real expectations and looks. In an environment where everything is distorted, Enough Said stands out for bringing characters accessible and close to what we are or hope to be. However, it is also difficult to see so much reality on screen and not feel uncomfortable with the naturalness of the whole staging. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the perfect fit for the role of Eva. […]

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It is not the case today that the film industry produces films in which it produces great and intense novels during serious and dangerous periods of war. Classics like Casablanca and even more recent productions like The English Patient and Pearl Harbor have their romantic plot related to World War II. Already Across The Universe is one of the countless projects that have the Vietnam War as the backdrop. And […]

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The film, The Place Beyond The Pines, begins and we are following a man full of tattoos who is walking in the middle of a crowd inside a circus. He walks into a tent, climbs his motorbike, and starts making his number on one of those deathballs, where three motorcyclists spin around in a ball-shaped cage. The scene tells us two things about the character and movie. About the character, […]

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Hacksaw Ridge, in The Tale of the Last Man, based on the facts of the life of the soldier Desmond T. Doss, who refuses to use weapons, for religious convictions, and thus saved more than 70 men in the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. Thinking coolly, we wondered what he would be doing there without weapons. The director Mel Gibson (Braveheart), with his histrionismo, responds us with images […]

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Ghostbusters, in a few comedy beads, there are times when we laugh, but the paradox is that Hemsworth, the man in the group, is the one who really provides the funniest moments. Paradox as there is a tendency in this movie for the jokes about men like for example the stupid final battle where the villain is castrated. This would not bother me so much if the comedy were of […]

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